On the Happy Job platform, processes are implemented taking into account the HR Zero principle: HR specialists implement changes with the help of managers. The approach whereby the leader himself implements initiatives to increase the productivity of the working environment yields good results - in the first year, according to our data, employee engagement can rise to 82%.

The development of engagement and loyalty on the Happy Job platform occurs in 4 stages.

Stage 1. Preparing for the Survey
Preparation and Implementation of a PR Campaign

Happy Job provides the client with a ready-made PR strategy, which already includes communications templates: email newsletters, survey invitation, posters, screensavers, information videos, video message from senior management, etc.

We tell employees not only about the method for taking the survey, but also about anonymity, the goals of the study. We make it clear that the survey will be followed by a whole ecosystem of dependent processes and work on proposals for implementing changes.

A personal designer and PR-consultant will help you to finalise PR-materials and strategy for the specifics and brand of your company.

Result: from 75% participation in the survey.
Platform Setup

A personal manager will import your department structure into the platform, assign access for managers and HR specialists, and help create a calendar of surveys and reports.

The platform allows the import and comparison of research data from other providers.

You can add your individual questions to the system through the "Survey Designer" service.

Stage 2. Survey and Feedback

Happy Job provides a link to the survey to employees via email or SMS. It is also possible to arrange offline participation.

Employees answer questions and write suggestions on their computer, mobile device or stationary terminal. The gamified survey takes 2-7 minutes depending on the survey settings.

Result: up to 97% satisfaction with taking the surveys.

Happy Job is a modern tool for studying employee engagement and attitudes, and an opportunity for employees to 100% anonymously or openly express ideas, suggestions or criticism during the main survey.

Stage 3. Reports for Managers and HR Specialists

Managers and HR specialists receive survey results in real time in their personal account, according to the assigned access level.

Managers see the anonymous results of selected departments using the organisational structure tree. You can download any branded reports and analytics for a department in PPT, PDF and XLS "in 1 click".

The platform also provides built-in analytics and recommendations for improving engagement and loyalty metrics, as well as content analysis of employee ideas and suggestions using filters and tags.

Stage 4. Development of Engagement and Loyalty
Built-in services will keep managers focused on engagement and the question "How to develop...?"
Mood map of groups staff for planning activities in priority areas
Analytical reports on drivers - priorities for the developing engagement and loyalty
Benchmarks for comparison with the best, worst and average data within the company and by industry
The manager's action plan and the "Activity" report allow you not to forget about employees' development and ideas