About the company

We design and implement digital subscription products (SaaS) for employee and customer experience management, any corporate research templates and self starts.
Our products guarantee engaging, high-participation surveys, the largest database of up-to-date benchmarks, and built-in guidance and development tools.

HappyJob products have earned the recognition of customers and respondents.

We are in a unique position to receive simultaneous feedback from HR, executives and employees and continually improve our platforms. We communicate with clients every week to monitor their progress and help them solve their problems with the best software and consulting.

We have brought modern data processing technologies, UX interfaces, gamification and extensive consulting experience to traditional research.

Our products are able to:

1. Collect accurate data while keeping respondents' attention and interest.
2. Process and analyse data, highlight the main issues and suggest steps for development.
3. Provide clear action algorithms, notify those in charge, and monitor their implementation throughout the organisation.

In our work, we adhere to our values - exclusivity, maximum benefit for the client and manufacturability. This allows us to create some of the best b2b solutions in the world.

We are inspired by the way people live and bring about change using our products.

Happy Job products are developed by an international team of consultants to develop efficiency, to implement change, emotional intelligence, psychology, visual facilitation and design thinking, editors, and designers. Also, every day, thousands of expert communities of HR departments and managers help us to develop our products.

Since 2015, we have helped customers in Europe and Eurasia. Companies from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and other countries choose us to carry out their research with.

Happy Job products first entered the markets of the European Union (EU) and Eastern Europe. Now, in 2021, we are making sales all over the world.