How often do you want to assess the situation
and react to problems?
  • 1-2 times a year
  • Pulse

59-question survey on engagement and loyalty is conducted for 1-3 weeks,
depending on the number of respondents and location.
The company receives a periodic feedback channel
and the opportunity to develop engagement.

9 out of 10 clients conduct an assessment 2 times a year.

Calendar year

You acquire the right to use the Happy Job platform on the basis of a license agreement or a service agreement. Payment for the platform is made before the start of the study or after, depending on the procurement policy in your organization.

The cost of rights includes 24/7 tech support, consulting
service on weekdays and data storage for 12 months.

We will prepare a detailed quotation

For customers to love a company, it should
be loved by the employees.

Options and features of the platform

The platform offers a choice of digital options and services,
to help you achieve results on an optimum budget.


The latest benchmarks across 18 industries. There are now more than 400 companies in the Happy Job ecosystem, with an average participation rate of 70% or more.

Each manager has access to benchmarks for the industry, for their region and internal comparisons for their company.

We also provide analytics for each metric and sub-metric.

Organisational Structure

Your organizational structure can be complex.
We have created a tool ready to simulate any hierarchy, matrix relations and, most importantly, adapt to changes in the composition and size of your business units. You can easily compare the new and old organisational structures in new studies.

You will be able to see the entire structure and all filters in a simple and user-friendly format.
We provide more than 20 filters that enable you to find engagement and loyalty factors at all levels of the company.

Content Analysis

Intelligent employee suggestion processing is built into the platform.

You'll find golden ideas hiding deep within the employee feedback processing system, using our algorithms for clustering and segmentation of feedback.

Built-in Consulting

Expert knowledge about employee engagement and loyalty is always at the fingertips of every manager: all metrics and sub-metrics are provided with world-class advice for self-improvement.

The platform also features an integrated online task scheduler and an activity monitoring system for managers.

Exporting Results

No more waiting for results or manual processing by the provider!

All data is available online immediately after the survey. Results can be exported in PPT, PDF, XLS formats "in 1 click".

The presentations generated on the platform contain methodical slides on all indices and are understandable to everyone.